At 8 AM, we met for breakfast in the hotel restaurant, then brought all our bags down to the bus after our family time. We loaded up the trailer in the rain, and began our journey back to Oradea. It rained during much of our journey today (it was a 6-hour drive), so our luggage got a little wet in the trailer, which is simply covered with a canvas tarp.

We knew that today was a travel day, so didn’t anticipate any opportunities for ministry. However, when we stopped in the early afternoon to buy food at the grocery store for our sandwiches, there was a little girl in the parking lot begging for money. What a smile she had on her face when we gave her some bread, cheese, and an orange Fanta for lunch.

Then, later this afternoon, we stopped to take pictures of a stork in his nest on top of a telephone pole, and some gypsy kids came running up to beg for money and candy. We hung out with them for awhile, and when it was time to leave, we gave them oranges that were left over from our lunch. They were thrilled with this treat, and waved and smiled as we drove away.

Holly has been telling us the story of Flat Stanley, who has joined our mission team. Mrs. Brown’s second grade class at Lookout Mountain Elementary School sent Flat Stanley with Holly (Mrs. Brown is Holly’s mom) so that he could have his picture taken in Hungary and Romania. Flat Stanley is a fictional character from a children’s story. He was flattened by a bulletin board, and now gets to travel around the world (and even into outer space), with anyone who has room for him. And who wouldn’t have room, because after all, he?’ flat. He’s brought a touch of whimsy to our trip.

Tomorrow is our last ministry day in Romania, so even though we are looking forward to the opportunities, we are a bit sad at the same time.

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