We slept in a bit before getting on the bus to drive to Turnu, where we were meeting up with George. George was taking us to one of the foster-care homes where his sister-in-law works so we could see the new vision that the government has for taking care of their orphaned and abandoned children in a more family-style setting. This particular foster home is funded by an American foundation, and we were very impressed by the quality of care that these children are receiving. We brought in bags and bags of ministry supplies for them to share with these children as well as other foster homes in the area.

Our big adventure today was when Vasily (our bus driver) tried parking in an underground garage, which turned into a real test of his skills. After we got through the extremely low clearance of the entrance, scraping the top of the roof of the bus just a little, we realized that the clearance for the exit was even lower because of the way the ramp was on the incline, which would have made it impossible for us to exit that way. So Vasily had to back the bus and trailer up, backing the trailer into a very tight parking spot, and he pulled off the tightest of u-turns (which we know would have been a challenge to complete in our own personal vehicles!). And he did all this as others were walking and driving and honking their horns waiting for him to execute the turn. It was a thing of beauty to watch his skill.

We continued driving through the gorgeous countryside of north-central Romania, and eventually arrived in Sighisoara in Transilvania, the birthplace of Dracula. We toured through the museum as we climbed to the top of the clock tower. It was a breathtaking view of this old town with the German-style architecture, and we then climbed the 232 steps to get to the top of the hill overlooking the entire area. We went into the old Lutheran church at the top, and we climbed down into the catacombs where they had buried the dead in the walls?.this was also the place where the Christians would secretly meet during the Communist era. What a feeling of awe as we stood there where the heroes of the faith had stood to worship our God.

This evening, Florin met us at our hotel so we could provide lots of clothes, toys, beanie babies, pipe cleaners and other ministry tools for him to use in the orphanage and children’s ministry that he oversees in the Sighisoara area.

So far, our electricity and our water are all working, so we?re looking forward to a great night with those taken-for-granted luxuries.

We can hardly believe that it’s already time to leave this area and head back to Oradea tomorrow. Time is flying quickly. Thank you for your prayers during our travels. We feel God’s presence every step of the way.

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