Our drive to Cluj-Napoca was a bit more eventful than we had anticipated.

Because our bus was just a 17-passenger bus, there would have been no room for all our luggage, so we rented a trailer to pull behind the bus. After driving for about an hour, we heard a loud noise and realized that the left tire on the trailer had blown, and that the spring was broken, causing the trailer to sit directly on the wheel.

Our bus driver worked for quite awhile on the wheel and axle while we sat out in the field alongside the major road to Bucharest. We ate a picnic lunch, played soccer and Frisbee, and even considered the horses in the field as an alternative means of transportation.

Eventually, they were able to prop the trailer up on blocks so they could remove it from the bus and  then they drove the bus into town for a replacement tire while we waited by the trailer. When they returned, they put on the new tire, hooked up the trailer, and soon we were on our way.

The rest of the ride was beautiful as we drove up into the mountains on our way to Cluj. The scenery was lush and green, and it was a lovely drive. We arrived at the hotel just in time to put our bags in our room and meet up with the university students that we would be eating dinner with.

These young people are from the orphanage in Beclean, and several years ago, when Margo Peterson from Wisconsin came with Tom on a mission trip to Romania, God gave her a vision for making a difference for orphans who had no hope for their future. She began a “UniFund” project for which she has raised money to provide for tuition, housing and books for some of the teens from the orphanage. With this special program, they are given the opportunity to obtain an education and graduate from the university with possibilities for a successful future.

The students were so excited to meet us, and they all wanted to know if we know Margo–she’s a real hero to them!!! What a special night we had with them as we ate pizza and got to know each other better. Because they are in the middle of final exams, we had to send them off early so they could study, but our hearts were full as we said good-bye.

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