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To see the gospel come alive before your very eyes ~ incredible!!  The words of Jesus, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.‘  Every day has been spent in the joy of sharing Jesus’ love with his precious children!


Restoration can begin with the most meaningful connection ~ sponsoring a child.  Some team members have lovingly supported a child, providing life-saving items to sustain them, to educate them, to give them hope!!  This day, many team members got to meet their child for the very first time.   A momentous connection like none other was made while hugs and joyous laughter filled the air ~ indescribable, experiencing the beauty of looking into the eyes of love!!



These children who are sponsored are given life!  Yes life, physical life as in life-saving medicine, mosquito netting, food, and clothing.  Likewise, spiritual life, knowing God’s love through the redemptive work of Jesus changes their existence.  Because of caring sponsors, light has been brought into their darkness.


Restoration continued in the dedicated work of Wendy Stokes who developed a program for H4KI called Mission 4 Character designed around La Red Business Network.  Over 900 secondary kids from around the Tororo area as well as True Vine faculty were given the opportunity to learn 40 Biblically based principles that will help them in business, school and life in general.  The Chinese Proverb definitely comes into play… Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.


What could be more restorative than life-saving water?  Without water, there is no life.  At Kijebero well dedication in Kapyanga we were led by the children to witness their previous water source.  Seeing first-hand what it was like for the villagers to drink before their new well was drilled was a heart-wrenching experience.  No one should be allowed to drink from such tainted water.  Thanks to hearts that are moved for change, this day the Pomerado Christian Church group and other team members joined in the dedication of their well.  We arrived to loud music playing on a sound system that could be heard for miles. Sadam the sub-county leader in the area, who is a great partner with Hope 4 Kids, met us for the dedication.  It’s always a joy to see Sam “the hygiene man” teaching the villagers how to keep healthy through hygiene and sanitation.


We blessed the well in Jesus name, opened it up for everyone to drink and officially turned over the well to the village of Kijebero.  Afterwards, the team helped deliver 50 mosquito nets to the village children in greatest need.


Once again, another amazing day spent being a part of Restoration for the Kingdom of God!

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