What a special performance we were treated to on our second day in Uganda. Tom with Team #1 (27 people) were greeted by the beautiful children of Vision Nursery School in Juba, performing a special song and dance. Our hearts were filled with joy as we heard these precious children singing of God’s love.  We couldn’t help but be touched as we got a glimpse of Pastor Peter soaking up all the love and goodwill brought to his community from our team!


What a blessing to visit Pastor Ruth at Smile Africa where we had the privilege to feed the children of Karamojong. Nothing compares to holding a cherished child in your arms, knowing you have the opportunity of reflecting Jesus’ love to them.  Seeing their eyes wide open, and their hearts so full of love has a way of putting ones life in perspective. The kids at True Vine campus were especially lively as we got to trade-in our role as “grown-ups” and play with these beautiful children.


As Team #1’s day moved along, Eric with Team #2 (also 27 team members) started their morning drive from Entebbe to Tororor. A “pit-stop” was made along the way at the Source of the Nile River in Jinja.   What an experience taking a boat ride down one of the great rivers in the world. “Bucket List” item checked, now on to some shopping before continuing along our journey.


Around 4:00pm we arrived in Tororo excited to check-in to our new digs, Rock Classic Hotel. We soon joined  Team #1 and jumped right in the fun at True Vine Ministry, playing some basketball and volleyball while enjoying time spent with the kids. It was such a pleasure meeting with the ministry leaders and hearing all about the exciting things happening here at True Vine.


Talk about family dinner time, all 54 team member were able to gather together to share stories about their day, it was a beautiful nourishing of body and soul.  Many of our African friends visited us in the hotel, including Sadam, an LC3 Sub-Country leader of Kapyanga.


Looking forward to unpacking and settling in, we did get the customary welcome ~ our electricity going out a few times for a couple of hours.  And yes, the rain… oh the rain, sheets falling for hours with no sign of letting up!  Oh well, as they say TIA (This is Africa).  So much to be a part of here!!



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