The adults were dropped off at the hospital to complete our work projects from yesterday, while the youth went with Tom to the youth conference where Tom would be speaking. They had a great day listening to an excellent speaker (Tom!!!) and playing football, volleyball and games with their new Romanian friends. Joe, who is our 11 year-old team member, has been mowing lawns and saving his money for the past 3 months so that he could purchase soccer balls and pumps to give away in Romania. When he went to the store in Washington to purchase them before we came, the manager at the store was so impressed with this young man?s vision that he gave him a huge discount, so he was able to bring 10 soccer balls plus needles and pumps. Joe was delighted to give away one of those balls today. Ben took photos of Tom speaking at the conference while Adi translated for him.

Back at the hospital, Jema had a buddy (Norby), who stayed with her while she painted the accent paint on the door jams, and he showed her his handprint on the wall. Then Norby worked with Michelle cleaning up the wallboard adhesive off the walls. In spite of the shunt in his hand, he was delighted to be part of the work team.

Margaret felt like Martha Stewart as she completed the wallpaper border project, and Joe, Uncle Tom and Damon were thrilled to not only finish painting the blue room, but also finished the wallboard project as well. Dawn spent a lot of time taking care of the details for today?s lunch and dinner, and also did the clean-up in the rooms that we needed to put the hospital beds back into for the children who would be arriving this weekend. 

Our time on the fifth floor of this pediatric hospital was really special as we helped brighten up this place that would be home to children who are dying of cancer. It was hard to say good-bye to Carrie and her foster-son, Adi, who is undergoing chemotherapy for his aggressive form of cancer.

This evening, we are heading to the home of one of Dawn’s friends in the village, where we will enjoy a Romanian dinner in the forest.

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