August 4, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

Today we went to another village, about an hour and a half away, for our final clean water well dedication this trip. This was Pastor Wilber’s home town (the True Vine Church pastor). The village sponsor was Robin, a person from Texas, who has visited Uganda and this village often and become a sponsor for their new well.

We were greeted by children singing.


There was a brass band and grass skirt dancers. The was a red carpet runway with fabric arch and flowers (like a wedding) for our arrival. The village community, especially the women and children, were very happy and excited about our visit. Again, many government dignitaries appeared to be noticed as Water4Kids did the dedication.

We walked to the original water source and then went to the new bore hole to dedicate and bless the well.



The children were asked to make the first pumps and then they filled their water jugs and bottles.



We enjoyed another village made lunch of goat, beef, chicken, rice, and chapatis.

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