August 3, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

Today some of us went to the True Vine center for medical outreach. Over 400 people showed up to be seen by the two doctors who are in our group. Amy and Anette are sisters who volunteer their physician services and administer diagnoses and medicines.

Others in our group went to True Vine to interact and play with the children. The students had just finished exams (like finals) and were on holiday starting today. Our group played basketball, volleyball, painted nails, drew pictures, jumprope. A few of the girls in our group had their hair braided by the Ugandan children.


Another team went to dedicate a clean water well in Kachwari village about one and a half hours away. When Water4Kids (an extension of Hope4Kids) shows up to dedicate a well they are never sure how the village will have prepared to welcome them. For today’s welcome the village pulled out all the stops.

We were greeted by cheering and music by women and men dressed in exceptionally bright matching dresses and fabric.


They had many homemade instruments including foot bells, flute, guitars, violin, shakers, etc.



They also built a xylophone from wooden planks and placed them on palm tree rails over a dugout pit. It was over eight feet long and was played by five people simultaneously.


They made a lunch for us and insisted we stay to eat. It is always a little dicey for Mzungu to eat food made in the villages. Remember, no electricity, refrigeration, no well water yet…you get the picture.

Nevertheless, we had a delicious meal of rice, banana mash, meat (beef), and chicken. We used only our fingers to eat it. They also served this meal to the entire village after we were served. Angie said it is a rare occasion that the entire village would be fed. Most people here have any meat maybe once a month.

They had many dignitaries from the district and government levels of leadership since this was one of the first wells in this district.

We walked to see the original water source and then we dedicated, blessed, and began pumping the well before turning it over to the village for use and maintenance care.



We received a goat and turkey as an appreciation gift from the village.

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