Sunday July 24, 2011

by Darlene Skarda
We’re packed up and ready to head home.  The two weeks has gone amazingly fast.  Our bus with Paul is to leave Rock Classic Hotel at 10:30 am.   We had a nice visit w ith Tom over breakfast.  Our Skarda group was on time and we leflt at 10:27 am.

Our first stop was at Jinja, the mouth of the Nile River where we went on a 30 minute boat ride to see the beginning of the Nile -  the longest river in the world.  There were Ugandan “gift shops” on the walk down to the river.  Seeing the Nile was a nice bonus to our trip.  The gift shops are like Mexico – everyone is selling the same things.  At Jinja we met up with Liz who joined us on our bus to the Famg Fang Chinese Restaurant in Kampala – the largest city and capital of Uganda.  We had a nice Chinese dinner and back on the road to the airport.  Before we got to Kampala we stopped at a roadside village and had “chicken on a stick” – 1/4th chicken on a stick and grilled.  It was definitely the best chicken we’ve had here and about $1.50.  I had a front 1/4th – white meat and wing – my favorite.

At the Fang Fang Restaurant in Kampala they checked our purses etc. before we were allowed to get on the elevator to go to the restaurant.  It was a nice place and the  food was good – one of the regular stops for teams returning through the airport at Entebbe.  Before dinner we spent about ½ hour shopping at an outside mall again offering the Ugandan crafts.  Again, they were pretty much the same as we had found previously.

We arrived at the airport about 8:00 pm for the 11:30 pm flight to Amsterdam.  Again my ticket (for the 3rd time) caused problems trying to get checked all the way through to Phoenix but finally got it done.

We have had a wonderful trip – not something everyone would want to do but we enjoyed it in spite of rough, dusty roads.  It was fun to be with Amy, Andrea, Tristen and Sydney.  It has been totally relaxing.  You just have to go with the flow – “TIA” Time in Africa.  No one gets too shook up about anything.

One interesting item at the airport in Entebbe was that while were there (approximately 7:30 pm until our plane left at 11:30 pm) the lights went out at least 6 times.  Apparently that happens quite often as no one seemed alarmed when it happened.  I was just hoping that  the control tower would be operational as we were taking off!

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