Saturday, July 23, 2011

by Darlene Skarda
We had our last “family time” this morning as some of the groups leave at 7:00 am tomorrow to catch flights home.

We went to True Vine where we met our sponsored kids and gave them gifts we brought from home.  We gave Joseph a Bible, a red and a blue shirt, navy cargo shorts, flip-flops with a  sport motif, a Frisbee, a slinky and a small truck/grader set with about 6 pieces.  His English is still quite limited but he appeared to be very thrilled with his gifts.  We also met his older brother, Peter who is in P-7 and his last year of school at True Vine and his younger  brother, Junior who has been in the Nursery School at True Vine and now is in P-1.

The kids all got new shoes today and Elizabeth took lots of photos to update the sponsors.

We went back to the hotel which is about 2 miles away for lunch.  Several of us had ordered “beans and rice” as Beth, one of our Team members had had it a previous day and was telling us how delicious it was.  I normally like beans, took a bite and thought “what is good about this?”  I continued to “pick” at my food which is abnormal for me but I didn’t want to complain.  Then Beth said they “burned the beans” and I knew it wasn’t just me.  It was just one meal . . .

In the afternoon we went back to True Vine for the H4K 1st  Football  Tournament.  It was a   big deal and down to the final 2 teams after I think 18 teams had started out during the week.  They used a Soccer ball and I think it was Soccer but they call it Football.

While we were waiting for the game to start a good sized group of small children had gathered.  I suggested to Sydney that she and I lead them in a game of “Ring Around the Rosie”.  They got the idea of joining hands and we formed kind of a circle and I sang “Ring Around the Rosie”  When I sang “we all fall down” and I went down a little they all hit the  ground and thought it was so funny.  It was quite warm so we did that about 20 minutes and then I reclaimed my chair under the awning in the shade.  We sat there quite a while waiting for the game to start and I actually took a short nap sitting in a plastic chair!

After the game we went to the True Vine Guest House where the ladies there prepared a nice dinner for our whole team.  They worked very hard on it especially when you consider that they cooked it all on their little charcoal stoves or a wood fire.  We had a delicious assortment of rice, spaghetti, squash, potatoes, chicken and another meat I think was  goat.  We also had fruit and I think the pineapple is the best I have ever tasted.

We left after dark.  I was disappointed t hat I didn’t get to see Joseph again as I thought there would be an opportunity to see him in the afternoon.  But the boys weren’t allowed to leave the True Vine campus and it was quite a walk from the soccer field back to True Vine so I just waited and took the bus back.

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