Friday, July 22, 2011

by Darlene Skarda

Today we went  first to the village of Buwoyi for the dedication of the Skarda/Lorfing well in honor of parents John E. & Darlene Skarda.  We were met by a group of  children singing and dancing.  We then walked quite a way to the original water source which was a dry mud hole.  I don’t know how far the people now had to walk to get water – maybe over 5 miles one way.  On our walk we encountered several cornfields, gardens with tomatoes, eggplant and sweet potatoes.  These are all common items grown in Uganda.  The well dedication was quite touching as I realized that this well would be here serving people long after I was gone.  We passed out mosquito nets to the boys and dressed many girls with the “Dress A Girl” project.  They were so thrilled with their new dresses.  Then Tristen tossed out a soccer ball and all the boys were running after it.  The people were very nice and not grabbing the dresses as we had encountered a previous day.  It was a good feeling as we left.

Then we went to the village of Sinde fot the 100th well dedication fort Water 4 Kids, Intl.  Angie had a nice banner made and it was quite the celebration.  The people here seemed even poorer than most of them we had previously encountered.  We sat under a large tree and were served soda.  One of the leaders speaking was a Muslim and Tom and Angie said he’s quite a “Christian” Muslim and very probably might become a Christian except that it might have bad consequences for him.  He was a politician but told the people that what Hope/Water 4 Kids was doing was very good as their own government was not doing it for them.  The crops appeared to be very dry and much in need of rain.  As we  were sitting under the tree the storm clouds were building and just as were about to get on the  bus it started raining – what a blessing?

As we were driving out a car in front of us got stuck in the muddy road.  Bobby, our bus driver, got out and helped push the car and after they were stuck again a couple times he got in the car and drove it out for them and then came back and drove our bus out.  He is a good driver!

We stopped a couple places along the road and dressed little girls.  One was about 18 months old and she had on a very ragged top and no bottoms – dress African style!  Angie got out and dressed her in a darling little 2- piece outfit we had in our bag.  That really felt like what “Dress A Girl” was meant  to be.

We drove a couple hours and got to our Rock Classic Hotel in time to shower before dinner as we were all covered with red dust.  It was a great day!

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