August 2, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

This afternoon we split into two groups: the cautious and the fearless. The cautious ones took a leisurely bus drive to the source of the Nile river. This spot is where more than 4000 liters per second of water bubble up from the ground to feed the Nile River. Their trip included a little put-put boat ride and shopping. An “A” ticket attraction.

Eleven brave people also went to the Nile, but their intent was far more intense. They went bungee jumping over it! At the Nile High Bungee, they climbed stairs to a platform 145 ft above the water and leaped into thin air…connected only by bundles of rubber bands.


Three leaders from Hope4Kids joined the bungee jumpers in the plunge, including Elizabeth, Angie, and Andrew. By choice, most asked to come within a few feet of the Nile surface. A few chose a little more of a dunk finish. Alissa got the biggest drink. This was an “E” ticket attraction!



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