August 2, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

This morning we visited the Karamojong children to play, visit, and to serve them lunch.


These children, many orphans, are from an area with a reputation likened to biblical Samaria. They are looked down upon and often do not receive services that other areas get (even as little as that might be).Children here used to have to scrounge the trash heaps for food.

Here’s a picture of Pastor Mooney or that Pastor Bob mooning us? Actually, this is a baby whose mother died of AIDS and Pastor Ruth rescued. The baby fell asleep in his tender hold during his walkabout.


Smile Africa (partnered withHope4Kids and Walk4Water) has really stepped in to provide these children with water, food, education, and boarding rooms. In the few years of support the nutrition and health of the children has improved dramatically.

The children play hard and love when visitors come. They want to be held and cuddled.

After playing for a while, we helped the women in-charge to dish and serve the children their lunchtime meal. It was a special science-balanced bowl of rice with soy and vegetable, a small amount of meat, and a fruit banana.The children all washed their hands and said prayers together before they began eating.



We did a little shopping at the widow’s store here, too.

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