August 2, 2011
by Jeff Rogers

The part of our group that went back to Juba took part in a women’s outreach there. There were about twelve women who were widows and other mothers that do not receive the respect they deserve. Each member of our team paired up with a lady and washed and massaged her feet.


We also rubbed Vaseline on their feet and legs and let them soak in bags. We painted their finger and toenails and applied lipstick to their lips. When we showed them in the mirror, many were incredibly touched and became ecstatic. After we pampered them, we filled their basins with rice and beans. We gave them some pencils and pens along with crackers and some juice to drink.


After they finished their drinks they broke out into joyful song and dance. Many had never been treated as well as this, exclaiming this was the happiest day of their life!


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