Monday, July 18, 2011

by Darlene Skarda
We started out the morning by visiting Vision Nursery School in Juba. There are many little children there and also several in primary grades. They did several vocal presentations for us. They are really trying to teach the people how to take care themselves, nutrition and hygiene. They also had one song about AIDS which is a big problem all over Africa. We saw their chicken farm where they sell the eggs. We saw people on the ground roasting and eating peanuts. The teachers at the school were very involved with their students.  The children all behave very well. We saw one young boy at Vision School that was in a wheelchair because his legs were cut off by a train.
After lunch we drove about 1 1/4 hours to Butacho to do a tea for many women there. I think about 43 were supposed to come and we had almost 60. We did a mini spa – soaking their feet in plastic tubs which they were given, putting Vasoline on their feet and then in plastic bags to moisturize them. I must have painted fingernail polish on 30 ladies and then they were given the nail polish. They were also applied lipstick and given the lipstick – all the while they were enjoying a bottle of water which we had put a package of Crystal Lite into and biscuit cookies. They don’t get many sweets, so they loved it. They were very lively singing songs as we pampered them. 
We got back to the hotel about 7:00Pm and dinner is usually around 7:30pm. We spent the better part of the night with no electricity and no air conditioning. It wasn’t hot so that was good. The electricity was finally on about 7:00AM so that was good. 

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