Saturday, July, 16, 2011

By:  Angie Simon/L. Butler

Today we arrived in Tororo, our home for the next week.  It is nice to unpack and settle in to one place after several days of travelling.  Angie and Wilbur joined us today after a trip to neighboring Rwanda.  With the addition of Boris from CCV, our entire team is now together and ready to embark on the journey ahead of us. 

We had the opportunity to tour True Vine Team Ministries today.  Pastor Wilbur oversees 70 church villages throughout Africa and this lovely campus, developed and built over the past 8 years, is the headquarters for True Vine.  As such, it houses a variety of ministries including the church, which we will have the chance to worship in tomorrow.  There are also several school buildings, homes for both boys and girls that board here, a clinic, a hospital, an office and a few homes.  During the week it is a beehive of activity with children of all ages studying and playing.  In addition to the children who board here, there are also kids who travel from surrounding villages to attend school.

True Vine campus is a short drive (only a few minutes) from where we are staying at the Rock Classic Hotel.  Many of us are staying in the new wing, which was recently completed, and it is very exciting to see all of the improvements around the site.  They even opened up the new conference room for dinner, which was a real treat.  It is so fun to see all of our old friends and to be together again. 

We are relishing a restful night’s sleep and an exciting day tomorrow, starting with some amazing worship time with our African brothers and sisters!

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