Friday, July 15, 2011

By:  Angie Simon/L. Butler

Today we got to experience another amazing safari, this time around the beautiful landscape of Lake Nukuru.  The open plain area stretching out from the edge of the lake is a picuresque setting for many of Africa’s most well-known big animals.  We were blessed with beautiful weather and a hazy start to the day, which added to the mystique and excitement when we got to see herds of animals emerge from the mist.  This large open grassland has zebras, cape buffalo, rhinosceros and several different species of large deer.  The lake is famous for the pink flamingos that congregate near the edge of the lake, making it look like a pink blanket has been draped over a large part of the water. 

The land mass of this park is not large enough to support an elephant population, but they do have lions.  Unfortunately, a couple years ago most of their lion population was slain after a ranger was killed by a lion, thus making it nearly impossible to see a lion here.  However, once again we were surprised, amazed and incredibly thankful when we saw a mother lion with cubs!  One lion sighting is incredibly exciting, but two is extraordinary indeed.  Thank you, God, for your amazing creation and the opportunity to see it!

After our safari, we made the looooong drive to Kisumu to meet some of our sponsored kids.  As fun as it is to see the animals on safari, they don’t compare to the sheer joy and delight that children greet us with wherever we go.  Beautiful, expressive eyes, bright shining smiles and hands eager to hold ours welcome us at every stop.  They have so little and have endured such hardship in their young lives, yet they are full of love, laughter and hope.  They never cease to bless us more than we can possibly bless them.

We are earerly anticipating our arrival in Tororo tomorrow and the start of our time at our “home away from home.”

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