Wednesday, April 13, 2011

By: Angie Simon/L.Butler

Every morning Raul from Lord of Life Church has been leading us in some amazing worship.  He even created special Ugandan music books to help us sing along.  There is nothing quite like starting your day by raising your voices to God in praise and worship – especially in the beautiful country of Africa!

Today we got to experience the special blessings of seeing some of the ministries of our partners from Smile Africa.  We started out at the Smile Africa at the Bison village where Rachel and Wendy held a special ceremony for the women who had graduated from the Women Sponsorship Program.  There were lots of laughter and tears as women gave their riveting, heartfelt testimonies of where their lives had been and where they were now.  One lady summed up their amazing resilient and hopeful spirits when she said, “All of this glitter that is on us is because of the love of Jesus.”  All of the ladies received new purses with makeup bags and beautiful necklaces.  They were so very proud to graduate and Wendy and Rachel honored them by taking them out to lunch at TLT – a real treat and a well-deserved one.

The team had the oppportunity to shop at the Women’s Store for lovely handmade items.  It is evident that much hard work and patient perseverance goes in to their crafts and we were thrilled to have the chance to not only take home some souvenirs, but also support their efforts.  At one o’clock we travelled the short distance from the store to the Smile Africa site where we helped feed 420 Karamajong children.  These very precious kids come here 6 days/week and the consistency and basic provisions they receive are working miracles in their lives.  We took a tour of the ever-changing site at Smile Africa with Pastor Ruth, one of the most amazing women you will ever have the privilege of meeting!  Since our last visit, in addition to the school buildings, nursery area, clinic, showers, kitchen etc. that were here, they now have a beautiful and comfortable boarding school house for boys (so long to what used to be the chicken coop), a drip system for irrigation to the victory garden and even brand new playground equipment donated by Jay and Jennie O’Hara – and it was most definitely NOT sitting idle!  Our Lord is raining down blessings on all these beloved children and those who care for them.

At 2 o’clock, many of us piled in a van and headed off to the Ugandan prison in Tororo for an outreach.  We brought soap and razors to the prisoners – it might seem unusual that we can bring razors in to a prison, but the men incarcerated here are often accused of minor infractions and the razors are very helpful with their hygiene.  Eric Sabittit stood up and gave his personal testimony on how he was imprisoned unjustly for 30 days – something many of them can relate to.  We worshipped and visited with the prisoners and Pastor Raul and Pastor Larry gave beautiful messages of hope and Christ’s love.  Before we were through, 61 men came to know Christ – praise be to our Saviour!

Elizabeth, Tommy, Andrew and Loise left this afternoon for Mityana to check on our sponsored kids with Patrick and Eva’s ministry.  They will spend a couple days with them and then head up to Fort Portal.  We are looking forward to  meeting up with them there.

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