Tuesday, April 12, 2011

By:  Angie Simon/L. Butler

Today was similar to yesterday, and yet also very different, as each village we have the privilege of visiting is unique and special in its own way.  Some of the team joined us for two more well dedications today.  It is sometimes hard to fathom how immeasurably life-changing these wells are to the people in these villages.  It truly is historic for them to not only be able to have water available right in their village, but also to know this water is clean and will not make them sick.  The well in the first village of Butote was sponsored by First United Methodist Church in Minnesota and Glen, his daughter Nicole and Ron were with us representing this church.  This well, fondly referred to as “Jacob’s Well”, is the second of three wells sponsored by First United Methodist!  The team got to go down and see the original water source – a contaminated pond – where we saw women collecting tainted water to take home to their families.  At the dedication of the borehole, the villagers greeted us under a beautiful tent covered in an orange tarp and they performed songs and skits for us.  We opened up the well to thousands and thousands of villagers in need – what a joy!  We were again able to dress sweet girls in pillowcase dresses from Dress a Girl Around the World – darling, darling, darling.  We also gave out 100 mosquito nets to boys – such a small, simple thing that allows these innocent children to sleep peacefully and protected from harm.  And Pastor Hillary continued his invaluable lessons in hygiene and basic sanitation.

Village number two was Bukharebula and it seemed a little more remote.  To look in to the faces and eyes of these precious villagers was  like looking at a lifetime of suffering and sorrow.  This amazing gift of fresh water for these desperate people was sponsored by Donna Katzen in honor of her family that passed away.  What a life-saving impact this memorial will have as a tribute to Donna’s loved ones.  More dresses made with love, more protective mosquito nets and more hygiene/sanitation lessons added to the encouragement and blessings for these villagers.  Our whole group got involved in the action as Stevie performed her “Hungry Caterpillar” puppet show and Sherri sang songs with the kids – they LOVE to sing and laugh.  Glen had the privilege of passing out the mosquito nets, Wendy and Cindy sorted and prepared the dresses in the bus for the lovely, little girls and Rachel, Mae and Dr. Kerry got to be the ones to slip the dresses over their beautiful heads and watch their faces light up.  It was a fantastic day!

The other half of our team got to go with Elizabeth to the scenic village of Bupoto to deliver much-needed mosquito nets to our children out there.  Rain and lots of foliage can add up to lots of mosquitos, so these kids and their families will now be well-protected from the life-threatening diseases mosquitos carry.  We were SO thankful the rains held off and we got to enjoy a perfect day playing and visiting with the villagers.  The team enjoyed eating in a mud hut, the generous hospitality of these kind people and the fun and laughter of playing soccer in this idyllic setting.

Blessings abound no matter where we go, but it is hard to decide where to go when our days are so jam-packed with amazing serving opportunities!  Tomorrow there will be even more!

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