Sunday, April 10, 2011

By:  Angie Simon/L. Butler

We started our day with a Spirit-filled time of praise and worship at church on the True Vine campus.  And what a time of worship it was!  God must delight in how His children praise Him all over the world and here in Africa it is often expressed with singing, dancing, clapping, hand-raising, kneeling, chair-lifting and praying.  And from the youngest to the oldest, it is all done with exuberant, joyful, God-glorifying actions and humble, passionate, reverent hearts.  Our sweet, beautiful friend Judith led worship with her powerful voice and we were treated to local tribal dances performed by members of the congregation.

Tom preached a few words about Moses and how God used Moses, a man who epitomized humility, to build His kingdom.  Then Tom brought Robert(Rachel’s husband and Tom’s brother-in-law) up to the front of the church to show the people an example of humble servitude that God is using to advance His kingdom today.  Robert, a retired electrician, has poured his life in to three young African boys to teach them not only how to become electricians, but how to become godly men.  Then Tom surprised Robert by presenting him with the Hope4Kids 2011 Global Hero Award for using his gifts and talents to advance God’s Kingdom!

After that power-packed morning, we took a team to visit the Tororo City Hospital in the afternoon.  This visit is often one of the most extreme in terms of both seeing hardship and experiencing blessing of all those in Uganda.  Although the situation at the hospital has improved over the last several years, it is still hard to see people suffering in a place where they must often share a single bed with other patients, or lie on the floor and they must bring their own food and buy their medicine.  And yet, having the opportunity to provide them with a small measure of joy in the soap and sugar we gave them, as well as the immense privilege of praying with them and for them, is an experience like no other where we truly see what it means to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our world.

In other activites today, Raul delivered soccer jerseys to some of the footballers at True Vine – a serious piece of equipment for these serious contestants.  Then the community came together to watch and cheer on a soccer match.  Raul was the goalie and our African friends Timmy and Andrew played offense.  A good time was had by all!

Tom and Dr. Kerry toured the True Vine Boarding School cottages.  Many boys and girls have the opportunity to stay on sight when they attend school which is an immense blessing to them and often to their family as well since their food, shelter and other basic needs are taken care of.  Dr. Kerry was so moved after his first visit to Uganda that when he returned home, he raised $100,000 to build these cottages.  God has multiplied the blessing of this donation many times over in the lives of these young people.

Rachel and some of the ladies spent the afternoon unpacking and organizing the team bags we brought with us so we are ready for all the different outreaches this week, beginning tomorrow as we will have the chance to attend a well dedication.

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