Thursday, April 7th, 2011

By:  Angie Simon

Well, we have finally arrived in Tororo – hooray!  We left Entebbe at 9am today and arrived in Tororo at 4pm.  Along the way we ate “chicken-on-a-stick” and warm chapati bread – yum!  This is some of the best chicken you will ever eat in your life – it is worth coming to Africa just to have some – really.  It is just what it sounds like – cooked pieces of chicken on a wooden stick.  Where we stop to get it alongside the road, the people selling it all run up to our buses holding several sticks in each hand, all trying to be the one to sell to us (since there are so many of us, it is a big sale for them).  Thankfully, the Africans with us do all the negotiating and buying as it is a little overwhelming to have so many eager salespeople approaching us.  The warm, soft chapati bread, with just a hint of smoky flavor from cooking it, is also heavenly.

We also stopped at Jinja, the source of the Nile – very interesting as you can ride in a wooden boat out to a very tiny island not far from shore and see the exact spot where the underground spring bubbles up to the surface.  All along the steps down to the water are people selling handmade crafts – lots of different jewelry, carvings, drums, etc.  It is amazing how the people here can take many things we would consider throwing away and turn them in to beautiful handicrafts.

Near Jinja, Angie, Pastor Wilbur and Pastor Hillary went to a village named Wabulenga B to gather information and video for a well-drilling event.  They met Pastor Jameson, the father of Charles, who told them his daughter was in the hospital because she contracted typhoid from drinking the current contaminated water source.  The villagers even walked with them 2 kilometers to the current water source where they have to go to get water, telling them along the way how desperately they need safe water to drink.

We were hoping to get to tour the True Vine site (walk around it) when we arrived, but instead we saw it from the bus since it was raining.  We did get to see the new, fresh coat of paint on the boarding school buildings, which looked great, even in the rain.

We are looking forward to a great night’s sleep in our cozy beds here at The Rock Classic and a busy day tomorrow!

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