Sunday, January 23, 2011

By Jenna Butler

Today, we went to church at 10:30AM. Although, it was all in Hindi, so we couldn’t undertand any of it. They greeted us with beautiful leis, too.  Everyone wanted to shake your hand. Then, we came back, ate a yummy lunch that Sheila made and had some down time until 3:30PM.  Then, we went to a widow’s meeting. They, too greeted us with leis. They said “it’s the culture of India to greet you this way!” We sang Happy Birthday to the ladies whose birthdays were in this month. Then, they recognized two ladies that recently lost their husbands. Then, they played a singing game. They would say the name of a song, and whoever started singing first would stand up with the microphone and sing the song. After that, they would get a piece of chocolate as a prize! They gave us gifts – the women in our group got a handbag, and the men got a tie. When we got back, David told us about his ministry.

After dinner, we shot off some leftover fireworks from Christmas! Then, it was bedtime.

About David’s Ministry: David’s great grand mother and her sister were teachers at the mission because they were educated. Through teaching at the mission, they became Christian. This made them a disgrace to the family. So, the family was going to honor kill them. This meant they were going to kill them to keep their honor. But, someone in the family tiped them off. So, the two sisters, with the one’s two year old son, walked to the mission in the middle of the night – ten miles away and escaped. Well, the great grandfather (2 year olds dad) wanted his son back, because they were very valued. There was a big law suit on who gets the son. In the middle of the law suit, an epidemic hit and the dad died. A little while afterwards, the mom got an infection  and died, too. That left the two year old son and his aunt to look after him. Since she herself was Christian, she raised the boy a Christian, too./ And he, David’s grandfather started the mission here in Damoh, India.

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