November 7, 2010
By Cheryl

On Sunday a group of us rode into Kubo East village for a well dedication. When we arrived, the children had a short presentation for us. We have been very familiar with the song “Hello, hello” as we have heard it most everywhere we go.

Hillary and Moses from True Vine spoke to the people  and  our group about how grateful they are with the new well. Having a well with fresh water is such an important aspect, yet we as Americans take it for granted.

During the presentation a storm developed in the skies. We ran for cover to a nw church. Wet and cold, the kids didn’t stop as they started singing and dancing.

Awhile later, we sorted out the pillowcase dresses and lined the children up in lines of three and began dressing them. When we ran out of dresses, we had seventy-three scarves to give out to the women and older girls.

When the rain stopped we ventured out of the church and to the well where we finished up with the well dedication. Pastor Hillary and Loses requested that the water committee take on the responsibility of the maintenance of the well to keep the water clean. A fence would be built around the well to keep the animals out.

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