Friday, August 13, 2010
by Armani Trautman

Today, friends, was our last day in Cheresig.  We awoke with a faint sense of hopefullness that maybe, in some alternate reality, that we would mysteriously gain acouple days back to stay in this beloved village.  Not typically expected, but hey, we can dream.  So once again we hopped on the bus, once again making our stop at the Obi store parking lot, once again driving through the countryside, once again, startstruck at the honor that God has placed upon us.  We arrived with intentions on Dental in the gypsy section of the village, which quickly wa redirected into Maria’s home.  About ten people was our set goal for today. In the mean time, the rest o the team went into the village to pray over God’s people.  There were so many in need; whether sick or poor, these are all God’s people; and He walked with and spoke through us.  What a blessing.   The kids also walked with us, from home to home, many times telling us there were more houses for us to go pray in.  Not a problem.  Afterwards,  we said our goodbyes, not final, we will be back, and we left for the last time our great Cheresig.  God ha blessed us so much, and we know that although this was our last day of work in thi village, the mission itself is not over. Our lives are mission feild, and we are God’s ambassador wherever we walk, day by day, step by step.

An old widow hugs Lindsay in gratitude for the oil and sugar.

From Lindsay:

Our last day in Cheresig! While part of the team continued dental work or construction, we (Tom, Angie, Armani, Natalie, Tara and I) went into the village. First we handed out oil and sugar to each family and treats to the children. Then we were asked to come to visit a man dying of cancer and pray over him and his family. It was painful to see their suffering. Next was a family whose baby girl had 5 holes in her heart and couldn’t afford surgery for her. Most of us didn’t leave that house with dry eyes. Families contined to invite us in to pray and each story touched us. Poverty and suffering were no longer abstract nouns, they had names and faces. As I left each house I would give the women big hugs to show that I truly cared about their lives and that I wouldn’t forget yhem. We headed back and had another delicious meal made by Maria! As we left, she pointed upwards with a big smile, hugged us, and whispered “Shalom” in my ear.

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