Wednesday, August 11th, 2010
by Armani Trautman

Today was yet another exciting day for Hope 4 Kids as we were introduced to another village.  Unlike Lazăreni, this village, Cheresig, is composed of Hungarians, Romanians, and of course, Gypsys. :) And on another note, it was close enough to Oradea that there was not much of a scenery change, but still we drove ourselves back into Budapest time, loosing an hour.  We started out by meeting our spectacular hosts, husband and wife, two retired Physics and Biology professers, respectively.  They had chosen after retirement to come live, and make a difference in what was their home village.  Can you say amazing?

After enjoying a meal prepared by the couple, we slipped ourselves yet again into the prescence of He, the One who gave is the opportunity to be there in the first place.  Almost immediately afterwards, we all split into our groups:  Elizabeth, adding new children to the sponsorship program, Tom and his macho guy minnians went off to get supplies for the construction being done in the village,  the dentist and her assistants got swiftly to work, and the rest of us went to the kids, what a blessing.  It seemed as if we had all fallen into some sort of time tunnel, and before we knew it, the new children were in the system, the last person had been seen by the dentist, and the children had gone home.  Yes, the day went quick, but slowely and reluctantly went our hearts floated back onto our bus to go back home.  There were many permanent images installed in our heads today, especially the ones we saw in the dental room ;) . But one lasting event is one we will never forget: I was playing with one of the sweetest little girls I had ever seen in my entire life, spinning, spinning, spinning around, and falling to the ground, dizzier than ever.  As we layed there, I looked over and asked, “Are you a Gypsy?” … “No, Romanian” she replied quickly.  Almost takenaback, I turned my head back to the sky in wonder.  Then it hit me.  These children came here today, mixing their cultures and ideas and beliefs, playing, laughing, loving, all together, not caring that they were “Gypsy” or “Hungarian,” it didn’t matter.  These children, these launterns of pure light in the feild of darkness we see in the world today, these are the future.  This is the true meaning behind what we do, and stepping in the path of He the Lord who is guiding us, we are making a difference, unto which we owe Him all the glory.  Tommorow we travel back to the village for yet another day of indescribable beauty in Cheresig, Bihor, Romania.

This is Armani's second time to Romania with Hope 4 Kids

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