Tuesday, August 10th, 2010
By Natalie & Tara

August 10, 2010. Today, in the life of a Hope 4 Kids team member, the day began with breakfast at 8:00 instead of the usual 7:00. We all ate buffet style at the hotel where we could choose from tons of cheeses, pastries, and espresso. We congregated for family time at around 9:00 in our usual spot made up of ex-soviet blue couches. Kristen shared an insightful piece of her heart in the form of a poem. It reached into the depths of our heart and brought forth vivid picturesque memories of the lotus flowers we recently encountered in Felix two days prior. Lazar (the bus driver) was prompt as usual, greeting us with his daily smile. We hit up The Romanian version of Home Depot (ODI) to pick up some last minute necessities to complete the new Gypsy roof. We are thankful for all the strong men we have on our team who are able to conqour the task of building a roof. You should have seen Dj and Bill up there on top of the roof nailing away. Kelly, Daniel, and Tara took dentistry to a whole new level. Teeth were a-flyin, blood was a- spillin, and prayers were a-soaring as the tooth aches of the Roma were relieved. The village youngins were even more excited than we ever thought possible!! Never-ending games and constant smiles were upon the faces of these absolutely gorgeous children. As the time came to depart, the smiles turned into tears as our new friends or as we call them sisters and brothers, said their final goodbyes. Armani and Natalie shared very intimate moments with the children they have grown close to over the past two days. As the bus rolled away, the salty tears slowly faded as we all reflected our two days loving on these children. We returned to our favorite restaurant where Natalie and Tara enjoyed their red hot, super spicy peppers on their delectible pizza. Little did Kelly know that her family planned for a surprise tiramisu to arrive to celebrate her belated birthday. It wasn’t long before Armani was told to lie to the girls about the “traditional Romanian soup” that is rude not to eat. Before long the bowl was being passed around tried by every person at the table. Yes even Claire tried it!!! After the soup was devoured my the group, Armani thought it would be a good time to tell us that the soup we just tried was tripe- aka cow stomach soup. Cringes filled the reaturant. The day was eventful and full of many emotions. Today was a day in which many memories were made.

This epic blog was brought to you by Tara and Natalie

Tara with one of the leaders in Lazareni Natalie with her sweet friend.

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