Saturday, July 10, 2010
By Lindsey Padelford

Today we went on a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park. It was amazing as you will see in the pictures. The animals were so close we could touch them and, Oh Boy, was I tempted. We drove two hours to the park from the hotel and met our guide, Van. He is an expert in finding lions. We then got on the boat and toured around the channel that connects Lake George and Lake Edward. In the distance I could see the mountains of the Congo and my heart took flight. We took the boat and went through herds of hippos in the water and saw hundreds of birds, crocodiles, elephants, water buck, cob, and buffalo. I again, have no words to express the beauty of this place. The water from the hippos coming up for air splashing against my face, the cool breeze rushing through my hair, and the sweet smell of clay, this was an amazing experience. Then we jumped back on the bus and went on a tour of the land. We saw more elephants, even one with a baby. We also saw wart hogs, cob, and the best of all LIONS. We drove off the road a little ways to get a closer look. The lions were up in a tree right above us, close enough to jump on the bus. Definitely the highlight!!!!! We then drove back to the hotel, and on the way we stopped at the equator and took pictures. At the hotel we had an amazing dinner and had showers. It is amazing how much I can appreciate having a hot high pressure shower. Very fun!!!!

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