Sunday, July 4, 2010
by Lindsey Padelford
Today was a contrast between exuberant worship and terrifying corridors. To celebrate this wonderful Independence Day we first went to church. Church lasted 3 hours, but it felt like 15 min. The only way to describe the experience would be the experience of smelling flowers, now just imagine and get your nose thinking, make sure you smell each smell. You start in your home windows closed with stuffy air. You creep up to the door hesitantly not knowing what to expect. Then you fling open the door and run onto your porch the powerful sweet aroma of wild daisies overwhelms you and you are hesitant to take the next breath. The daisies dance in the wind and all petals fly to the sky fluttering in the glory of the sun. But while this goes on you become accustomed to the smell and you begin to dance in the wind and run and jump to the sun bathing in its magnificence. Then you are warmly comforted by the sweet smell of honey suckle, swaying gently in the wind but throwing its leaves and branches to the sky surrendering under the beauty of the sun. And finally the strong aroma of the rose completely overwhelms you and you begin to cry because the smell is so precious, so special, and so irreplaceable, that you believe that life itself can’t exist without this scent. And this smell is joy. Need I say more? And that is how it was.

We then traveled to the hospital. I believed I knew what I would see, I was wrong. I thought I knew what I was going to do, I was wrong. And I was worried about not being accepted by the sick, and BOY, WAS I WRONG!!! Truly you can never understand what the hospital is like unless you come to Uganda. The smell of the air, the touch of a hand, and the embrace of a hug, a picture will never be able to convey. We walked to the women’s ward at the hospital with the Ugandan Pastor Charles. The building had its windows open as the rain poured down, and a calm breeze swept through the hall. Beds were everywhere with women scattered on them. Pastor Charles turned to us and said, “Who would like to give the women a word of encouragement?” I said yes thinking it was almost a rhetorical question, little did I know that he was expecting a lot more. He turned to me and said, “Share the Bible with them.” Completely terrified I turned to the woman Wendy behind me and said, “What do I read?” She told me to read a Psalm. And I flipped to Psalms 103. I was so scatter-brained, that in that moment I truly had no idea what I was going to read. Read it and you will understand why this was the perfect verse for these people.

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