Friday, July 02nd, 2010
by Lindsey Padelford

This morning we went to the women ministry’s store. We were greeted by many children. We then went inside and bought many things from the women. Then we went to Smile Africa to visit the Karamojong people. My heart has never been so torn. The Karamojong people are outcasts and their stereotype is cattle stealer. It is similar to the Romanian’s perspective to the Gypsy people. The children look horrible. They have huge bloated stomachs and giant cuts up and down their body. I joined two other nurses in the hospital to treat the wounded children. I have never seen wounds so horrific. Most of the wounds happen because the kids get tangled in barbed wire and have small pokes all over their legs. The mud huts they sleep in are caked with their own feces. The cut then gets infected and festers until it is about the size of a half dollar. And remember this can all be prevented with a Bandaid and a drop of alcohol. Some wounds were so bad that it appeared that the entire bottom of the foot was just peeling off. I can’t even tell you how many kids I got to treat. The children would rarely cry as I scrubbed their wounds with peroxide. They were all so brave. I can’t even describe the amount of pain that they were in. As the day went on we had two malaria cases. One was a boy who was found lying on the ground with a 103 degree temperature. We took him to the clinic and the Ugandan Nurse gave him Malaria pills.  I can’t even begin to tell you all the stories of the children, they are all so different and special. But one thing I can tell you, as I leaned over a child’s infected foot, I looked into his eyes, and he smiled. To be in such agony and smile at me – wow that boy had the joy of Jesus. I know that this is what I shall do for the rest of my life. I say goodnight to you all as I am comforted by the sound of rain and thunder. Tomorrow we will go to the prison and oh boy I can’t wait.

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