Tuesday, June 29th, 2010
by Lindsey Padelford

We traveled for 26 hours over these past days. We met the team and they are wonderful. I am the youngest of the group. We arrived in Uganda and from the beginning we knew it was special, partly because there was no line for customs and because we were paraded though a huge mass of people. We were greeted by men of the Church in Uganda and our bus driver Bobby. We loaded up the bus with our bags and waited another hour before the people who lost bags came to the bus. This was our first encounter with the African Time; apparently our culture is very fast paced – everyone gets what they want quickly or we get very upset. Definitely not like that here in Uganda, no one cares about time. Frankly it is just a matter of waking up before the sunrise and attempting to get home before sunset and anything between is like molasses. The driving here is also very interesting. They drive on the wrong side of the road! Oh, and there is no road rage in Uganda. Somehow cars don’t hit each other as they use special hand singles, number of beeping the horn and talking to let the other cars know what you’re doing. I have to say our bus driver is very good, even though at times when we think that there is no way to avoid and accident the organized chaos somehow pulls through. Well tonight we stay at the Empire hotel on Lake Victoria in Kampala. Who knows what is to come?

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