Friday, June 11, 2010
By: Alexis Coco

Today was our first day in a Barrio on this trip and the first word that comes to mind is amazing. Not only the experience but also the kids and everything about it. We had breakfast this morning and then took about a 25 minute bus ride to the barrio. Once we got off the bus we stepped into sand. Although we were far from the beach there is sand in the barrio. It was a more developed barrio  so it had electricity but still no running water.  The men got to work building a roof while the ladies played games with the kids, gave them lunch, and loved on them. We played games outside the school in the sand and the kids were adorable. One girl was very shy and I never knew her name but the second we got outside she wouldn’t leave my side or let go of my hand. While playing games Tori Taylor got mobbed by about 10 kids to the point where she couldn’t walk. Then Pastor Ron came down from the community center to see the kids and they loved playing follow the leader with him. We played games, painted nails, and did a T-shirt activity.  Probably the best part about the day was taking pictures because the kids absolutely love the camera and pictures. I have a rather large Canon camera that I used to take some pictures and this boy names Luis was literally my shadow every time I picked up the camera. He was fascinated not just with looking at the pictures like the other kids but he liked taking them too. With the camera strap still around my neck I let him hold the camera and take pictures of his little friends that were proudly posing for the camera. After every picture they would gather round and say “a ver! A ver!” because they wanted to see the picture on the screen. They giggled, laughed and made funny faces for the camera. The joy a camera brings to those kids is so obvious it cannot be ignored. At the end of the day when the bus came back to pick us up I was sad and did not want to leave because it was truly the most special place I have ever been. If I could express it in words I would but it can not be explained.


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