Tuesday, April 13, 2010
By Anne Maxwell

What a great day we had on our way to Bupoto! The scenery was spectacular; so green and rich. At first, we thought the rain would hinder our chances of getting there, as the bus skidded from side to side on the muddy road but we managed to walk the last part of the hill. What a sight we were tentatively trying not to fall in the mud while all the local children skipped happily along barefoot in the mud. The poverty is put to the back of your mind because of the kindness and love there is among the people. We were treated to joyous singing and everyone’s spirits were raised.

Outside we played throwing and catching with the kids which was fun.  In one evening we met Ken who had dedicated his life to looking after orphan kids at the Awingo House. Again, the singing was such a great pleasure to listen to.

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