Monday, April 12th, 2010
By: Sara Kilstrom

Today was an amazing day.  We, the Fellowship Team, made a trip to Pasikula to deliver all the school supplies that we purchased with a pool of our money.  Fellowship Child Development Center Kindergarten, Shawn Walsh who collected from friends in Anthem, and Scott Stone combined our money for 1 million shillings or $500.  We went to town with Pastor Peter and bought supplies, such as notebooks, pencils, pens, chalk and math manipulative sets.  It was fascinating to watch Peter choose what was needed, not a want but the basic necessities needed to educate these beautiful children.  The joy of the business owners, excited to have us spending money at their store was an added benefit for me.  One small step by us, allows God to bring so many moments together, restoring all of our worlds at once.

The drive was about 1 and ½ hours down a dirty bumpy road with trails leading off to the bush, home for many.  Pasikula greets us under a large tree, the children lined up in their red and white checked dresses, sing us a few songs.  The village shows joy that few of us can understand – suffering and great love at once – God is right here at work, right at this moment.  We unloaded the supplies and figured out how many of each item each child will get.  We broke into two teams, mine went to the side where the nursery children were.  Their classrooms were each under a tree, benches to sit and write one, a beaten broken chalkboard nailed to the tree.  All I could think was, what a beautiful classroom.  No Smartboard, no clock, no Reading Books, but the gift of learning is being given to the next generation…Why do we make it so hard?

Each class greeted us with a song and then respectfully lined up boys and girls to receive their supplies.  Many of these children had never seen a Muzungu, they had fear in their eyes.  I would smile and say hello- going to each one hoping the gift of touch could help them realize we are all the same; all here together in this moment.  As I watched the children thankful for a necessity, I couldn’t believe the impact that $500 makes.  $500.  As I turned around from the schoolrooms there was a mud hut with two sayings painted on it;

Poverty is a prob for we youths;

Chance comes once.

I am so glad we each took the “chance” to come to Pasikula.  A chance to see, feel, mourn the poverty here.  Maybe by “chance” us coming out here once will bring others to help heal Pasikula completely.

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