Sunday, April 11, 2010
By: Jaynell Cantor

Sunday, a day to worship and it certainly was! For me it was a day that God had moved in my heart to share a hula (Hawaiian dance) that I learned years ago to the song called ‘the Prayer” I sat up in the early morning wondering why God would ask me to share this dance with my team and today I got an answer. Worship comes in many forms and as long as your heart and soul is in it, worship can be powerful and beautiful.
Our team had an opportunity today to worship in two locations. Half of the team went to Pastor Peter’s church in Juba while the other half (that I joined) worshiped at Pastor Wilber’s church at True Vine Team Ministries.
Church was filled with close to 500 people today. Traveling from near and far they spent over three hours in worship. Their time of worship was incredible! So freely they gave of themselves to God worshipping with song, in dance, in laughter and in tears. Heads were bowed and hands were raised; some were even kneeling in honor of who God is. There was even a point in the service where people would lift of chairs and dance around, smiling with smiles that light up the room with the glory of God.

What I have to say about worship this morning is that whether is a relationship with Christ or not, any person attending that service would have been touched by how much they love God. They worship freely and I witnessed their personal relationships with God through that. True Vine members don’t worry about what the person next to them is thinking. They just give everything they have into their worship – never holding back. Everyone is accepted because they are children of God, not because of social status. This is what true faith and a relationship with God is all about. It was an amazing time of worship this morning at True Vine. Pastor Wilber hopes that America will worship like the Africans and I would have to agree!  It would be great to get people that excited about worship and not care about what they look like, sound like, or what the person next to them is thinking. Worship as I saw today is the only between you and God. Nothing else matters. Singing, dancing, spinning, jumping, whatever it is, that you’re doing to worship, God appreciates it and finds great joy in that.

Tom asked if I would be willing to dance the hula at service. I believed that God could use this form of worship for His Glory and as I danced, I felt the Holy Spirit dancing through me.  God used that talent and style of worship to shine into the lives of the people at True Vine Church and I was honored to be a part of that.

It was fascinating day of worship and one that I’ll remember for a lifetime. It was particularly special for me today as I celebrated my sixth year of becoming a Christian. What a birthday celebration it was!

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