Saturday, April 10th, 2010
By Chassidy Daly

Today we visited the village of Juba. Our bus was swarmed by what seemed to be 100 children. Among those children, there was a small little girl probably about 2 years old. I imagine she had never seen a white person before because she was crying and hiding behind her brother. This intrigued me. I wanted to reach that little girl and show her God’s love.

During our visit, the children wanted to help move bricks from one area to another. We lined them up and the children passed the bricks to one another until the brick reached its final destination. During this time, I witnessed the little 2 year old girl struggling to pick up a brick. She picked it up and hobbled with it over to its destination. I watched her do this for about 15 minutes. I was amazed by her determination. During the little girls brick moving, one of the other kids bumped into her and knocked her down. She began to cry. One of our team members picked her up and she began crying even harder. The other team member looked at me desperately and handed her over. She immediately stopped crying. I held her most of the day. She didn’t smile much or talk for that matter. She just allowed me to hold her.

When it was time to leave, I placed the little one back on the ground and said goodbye. She just looked at me as I left. I got on the bus and looked out the window, there was that beautiful little girl dressed in rags waving at me with tears in her eyes.

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