Friday, April 9th, 2010
by Penny

Day two after visiting the village of Juba, we went to another small, rural village to dedicate a water well.  This was the single most moving experience I have had in my Christian walk. When our bus full of “Muzungus” pulled up we  were greeted by hundreds of villagers singing and clapping and reaching into the windows to shake our hands in complete gratitude.

The water source they had before the well was dug, was 7 miles away and therefore much of the day was spent just going to get the water in a heavy container that had to be carried back on their head usually, and the water source was dirty and full of  disease so many of the people were actually drinking the water trying to stay alive when what they were actually doing was dooming themselves to often fatal sickness.  When we hiked through the bush to the well site, everyone was so excited and raising their hands in joy to us and to Jesus who they realize is the reason we are all here to serve them.  When the water began to flow from that well, there were no Muzungus without tears running dwn our faces.  I just kept think “It’s only water” and yet to them it is life. I will try never to take my clean water for granted ever again.  I feel so blessed to have met and spent time with the amazing, beautiful African people who love us so much, and I am excited for the next experience!

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