Thursday, April 8th, 2010
by Penny

After we arrived here, we went to the True Vine Ministries site and toured the buildings there.  What an incredible experience to see the warm greeting we all received from the workers, children and families there.  It is a very basic facility in many ways but probably only because I am comparing it to the U.S. standards which I now realize are a vlessing we all take for granted.  For This area it is a much improved, and functional medical facility, school, church.  They also have a guest building for visiting nurses, doctors & teachers to come and stay.

The Children were so happy to see us and they smiled all the time, that is the first thing I noticed about the African children, they have happiness on their faces even in extreme poverty, children are resilient and if given a chance they will succeed in life.  We met a young man who was actually a sponsored child from Hope 4 Kids years ago and he is now  grown and living at the site as a teacher, he is grateful for all of the help he received, and such a great example of what very few U.S. dollars can accomplish for kids here in Africa.

We drove away with kids chasing the bus and telling us to return soon! I loved that whole experience. J

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