Friday, November 6, 2009

Fort Portal, Uganda

By Amy Bolton

Today after I woke up, I went to the equator! The equator! But today was more about the journey than the destination, in many ways. Along the way to the equator and the safari – I met wonderful people in the bus who share my faith and my hope for Africa. Discussing this only made us more excited! Along the way, I was able to see the wonder in African children’s eyes as they joyously waved at our passing bus. Along the way, I saw the resourcefulness of the African people making a happy life from what we might throw away. I saw the kindness of the Ugandan people cheerfully greeting us and welcoming us to enjoy their beautiful country.

Today when I went to the equator, I took a journey of amazing grace. Coming to Africa was a dream come true for me and after just three days, I am truly amazed by the people and their ways. Proud, polite, and honorable – they have shown me so much today. Know that what Hope 4 Kids International does is life changing and life-saving in so many ways. Take your faith in a journey and you’ll see just what I am talking about. Today was life changing and life-saving - and I mean for me!

Today’s journey started with a wonderful tropical rain shower before dawn. Waking up at the beautiful Mountains of the Moon hotel is such a treat. After a breakfast that includes sweet bananas, we are off to take our journey to the equator and go on a safari in Queen Elizabeth National Game Park. We are met by our kind guide, Ven who tells many memorable tales of the animals in the park. The boat ride is amazing as we see hippos and a regal elephant is right away. We were treated to view of so many species of native animals and plants. The highlight of the safari was catching a glimpse of three lions in a cactus tree! To make the day even more perfect- we were treated to a beautiful rainbow from t he showers of the morning!

Reflecting on the day, I know why so many of the people (Americans) on the trip came back time and again to Uganda. The country has such a rich beauty that simply cannot be translated into film or video. The people are so kind, so genuine and so unique that you cannot help but fall in love with the Pearl of Africa!

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