What a day we had with the Pygmies! Thirteen women, their chief and four babies traveled from the Congo for a tea party with us in Fort Portal, Uganda!
We arrived at the school of Outreach to Africa where the Pygmies were waiting along with our many sponsored children who attend the school. After introductions and photos we all went inside the school for a wonderful lunch. The Pygmies asked for and received beef and rice while the others were served spaghetti.
We were then entertained by the children of OTA who sang and danced for us.
Then we had the Pygmy women sit in a circle and placed basins of soapy water before them. While they soaked their feet, they munched on banana cakes. Team members then knelt before them, washing and drying their feet–then slathering them with lotion. The women held out their hands and asked for lotion on their hands also. We adorned them in pillowcase dresses, necklaces and colorful scarves.
There are about three hundred families living within their group in the Cong0–they are a mixture of tribes. The forests in which they have lived for many years are being destroyed and the animals which the Pygmies hunt for food have been driven out as the forests are destroyed. Now the Pygmies have to find a new way to provide for themselves or they fear they will become extinct in that area.
Robert, who has promoted victory gardens in Uganda provided them with seeds and training so they can grow their food. Outreach for Africa has provided seeds previously to them. Tomorrow they be sent back to the Congo with their seeds and garden hoes so they can garden more effectively.
Kent Dirks, a seasoned Hope 4 Kids team member, met the chief last summer. The chief entertained the team by acting how how they hunt with their homemade bows and arrows. Kent sent him deer jerky to try. He loved it and was reluctant to share with his friends:)
It was a great time of celebration and the women were so joyful as we showered them with love and gifts.

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