Monday, June 22, 2009
by Angie Simon

Today was our last full day to work in the barrios. We visited Jorge and Carola’s barrio that sits high overlooking the ocean. On a clear day, you can see the break of the ocean waves on the shoreline. Since many of our team was from California, we commented that if this property was located in California, these individual homes would be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Liza, Phil, Angie & Jenna served and played with the kids in the morning and Lindsey, Dwayne, Tom, Mark and Sam built chimineas throughout homes in the barrio.

Our “kids” team split into three stations: bandanas, games and breakfast. We rotated the 80+ kindergarten kids around in the various stations. These kids were so sweet and well behaved. We served them chocolate milk, a slice of cake and a tangerine. Liza and Angie helped the kids drink their milk and eat their cake. Many of the children hide their milk and their cake into their school uniform pockets and bring it home to share with their families. There is an overwhelming sense of sharing with these kids and they all look out for one another.

Phil helped the kids create their bandanas and looked so precious as they were exiting his station. Jenna is so wonderful playing with the kids. They all gravitate to her and she is great keeping them all entertained! Thanks Jenna for all of the fun games you thought up to entertain all of these hundreds of kids throughout the week!

Before lunch, Phil, Jenna, Mark and Liza visited their second orphan they sponsor. We walked through the barrio with Danelle up to their quaint little home. Inside we found the grandmother that takes care of four grandchildren. Rose Marie, their orphan is a beautiful little girl who greeted all of us with hugs and kisses. Her face lit up as she met her sponsored family for the first time. It was a kindred connection on both sides and both families were excited to meet each other for the first time. Rose Marie has a loving family that lives in a modest nice clean brick home. Danelle pointed out a bunk bed that Hope 4 Kids recently purchased for them through our sponsorship program. The Butler family brought family photos and a coat for Rose Marie to keep her warm. Rose Marie and Jenna are just a couple of weeks apart in age, but Jenna is a foot taller than her sponsored sister! Danelle commented since Rose Marie has been in the sponsorship program, she has filled out and looks healthier. Thank you Butler family for directly impacting the life of this special girl and her family! We appreciate your support!

After lunch, the team changed places. Everyone has had fun getting an opportunity to do construction and playing with the kids everyday. The kids on are team – Jenna, Mark, Sam and Lindsey have all done an AMAZING job not only playing with the kids, but with the construction of the chimineas. They are so awesome!

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