Sunday, June 21st, 2009
by Liza Butler

Happy Father´s Day!

Tom started our Family time with a memory of how his father had influenced his life by how he modeled being a prayer warrior, spreading the gospel and allowing God to turn his life completely around. A great reminder of how our lives can influence others.

We joined people from barrio 6 this morning in worship, singing in Spanish and clapping along. Several of the songs were ones we sing at home. The message was on how fathers and mothers need to teach their children (thanks Lindsey for the translation).

We helped serve many children a lunch of rice with veggies and 2 small pieces of chicken. One little boy of 5 wouldn´t eat his chicken. He had it wrapped up in his napkin and he was going to take it to his dad.

Our afternoon consisted of playing games with the kids. We got out a small bucket of chalk and watched as they drew on the cement, probably for the first time. It took most of them watching Lindsey and Angie for several minutes before they joined in and then there were many photo ops with their pictures. One little boy named Jonathon even drew a house and wrote ¨HOPE¨ on it after looking at Angie´s name tag.

The kids also played volleyball and drew with markers on 76 bandannas. Meanwhile, Mark and Sam helped build a table for a chimney and Tom and Dewayne helped finish 3 chimney tops (like an outdoor barbeque with a grate). They were watched by a group of young women, many with kids. One young lady asked Tom to take her toddler back to the US with him, every mom´s hope to give their child a better life.

We finished the day with the youth (teens) playing musical chairs (good try Mark in getting 2nd) and watching a wonderful play about the pressures of this world and how Jesus will always be there to protect you from them if you turn to Him.

Most of us left the barrios at 6pm. Angie, Lindsey and Liza had a mini Peruvian adventure on the way home. We rode with Jose´ and his wife Heidi, the barrio leaders who live on the way to our hotel. It only took them about 40 minutes to load up electrical equipment, a big pot and a propane tank, along with several kids and a couple extra adults in the van, then untie the volleyball net from he top and we were off. We stopped 3 or 4 times in the barrio to unload a few items and people until everything and everyone but us were dropped off and then they got the extra bench seat off the roof of the van and put it back in. A quick 5 minutes stop at the market, which is quite dangerous so you don´t want to carry a camera and Angie got 2 pair of fuzzy pajama pants for 11 soles each, or about $4 each. We enjoyed talking to them on the way back to our hotel, laughing when we discovered that Jenna and Heidi have the same birthday, as well as Angie and Jose´!

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