Wednesday, June 17, 2009
by Jenna Butler

In the morning, we had 80 kindergarten kids – 40 inside and 40 outside. Fortunately, there were also a lot of mothers who also volunteered. The group outside played duck, duck, goose (pero, pero, guto or dog, dog, cat). It was so funny watching them play because sometimes they would run away from the circle to try and get away. At one of the homes where we made a chimney, a 60 year old women was weaving. She spins her own yarn from wool alpca wool. She uses a fancy loom to make a long rug that is sewn together to make a bag to carry corn. Each time she pulls the yarn threw she tugs hard on a cord with her back to make it tight. It looks like a lot of work. She said it takes 4 days to make a 10 foot length that she sells for 20 Solos or $7. Her work was very precise and beautiful – you would think she was making a blanket. The women grew up in the mountains and has 11 children.

For lunch we had another huge plate of “dirty rice” – chicken, rice, and egg. In the afternoon, we had competition with the kids – we split in teams with one gringo and 5 Peruvian children. Jenna won one of the games for her team. It was fun. We got to go home early at 5 pm today instead of 6 o’clock. We went for a walk on the beach on our way to dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Peru. Everyone loved the food! Carlo, the owner of “The Wave” restaurant is the #2 surfer in all of Peru. He and his band played Peruvian music for us. On the way back to our hotel, we stopped for our nightly desert of ice cream.

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