Tuesday, June 16, 2009
by Jenna Butler

Today we visited another barrio – one quite different than on day 1. It is built on a landfill that was covered over and is now being exposed due to erosion. There was a lot of garbage on top and it smelled badly. The young girls, Jenna and Nicole, went off to help the guys build chimineys for families in the barrio. They thought it was fun and interesting and they thought the mud used as mortar was fun to mix and move. In the morning they helped the kindergarten kids make bandannas and then played outside. Jump rope was a highlight as they held kids and then jumped with them. Lindsey jumped with 3 kids, a boy on her back and a girl in each arm. The houses we saw were either made of plastic, bamboo curtains, or bricks made in the barrio of clay and dried in the sun. Jenna saw a lady with a baby on her back walking through the garbage dump area and using a hoe to look for things to sell or use. Some of us also visited Angie’s orphan, Lorena and her grandmother named Beatrice. Lorena is 10 years old and has been bedridden since she was 4. Her grandma takes care of her 24-7. It broke our heart to see the grandma break down in tears worrying about who would take care of Lorena one day if she were not there and to see the fatigue in her eyes. A quiet and faithful caregiver, whose sacrifices and labor probably remain unnoticed by all but Jesus.

We ended our day with games with the older youth. It was precious to hear them sing and see them laugh and play balloon popping games with us.

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