Monday, June 15, 2009
by Jenna Butler

When we arrived at the Barrio, all the girls went over to the kindergarten to serve breakfast, play, and help with crafts. The men went of to build cooking ovens with chimney,s. We started off by moving ¨100 brick by Wheel barrow 1; 4 mile to 3 homes. Tom and Dewayne competed to make sure they each carried as many bricks (don’t tell their wives). Then we moved a cement made of clay and local sand by Wheel barrow. Two of the men from the Barrio had been trained in how to make a chimney. First, we just mixed cement and handed bricks while the craftsmen did the building. By then end Sam, was doing the finishing work on the store table. Mark, Dewayne and Tom built at Karla’s house – the Butlers sponsored girl. We had a great lunch of chicken and tons of rice. Jenna and Dewayne licked their plates clean. After lunch the Butlers went over with a group to meet Karla and bring her one of Jenna winter coats she had outgrown (it fit perfect).

Alter lunch, the 3rd – 6th grade kids came and we drew on bandanas and played outside too. At 5 pm, we the youth came. We played Janga and Uno. Then we prayed and did an interactive game where we moved around, then a person would tell us to stop and say a country, then he would tell us how you greet -say good bye, and we all did it to each other. Then we repeated. Next 2 people danced a Peru dance with costumes and then we all danced. At 6, we all went back to the hotel for showers and dinner. Everyone had fried local fish. Mark said it was the best he had ever had (in his 14 years) – better then Salmon, Blue Crac (don’t tell his grandpa), and lobster. It might also had something to do with being so hungry alter working all day. Once again, Dewayne and Jenna licked their plates clean and then ate a big piece of lemon merangine pie.

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