Sunday, June 14, 2009
by Angie Simon

This morning we our on our way to Trujillo, Peru where we will spend most of our days working in the barrios. Trujillo is the largest northern city that is surrounded by ten barrios of about 10,000 people each that are living below the poverty line. Currently, we are working in seven barrios with the help of our partner organization Project New Hope. Hope 4 Kids sponsors around 140 kids in the barrios of Peru – helping them out with their basic needs including sending them to school and helping them obtain a vocation to provide for their family.

Today, was mostly a travel day- but not without an adventure of course! The team flew from Cusco to Lima then on to Trujillo. When we arrived in Lima to pick up the rest of our H4KI bags from storage, the front airline desk wouldn’t allow Tom, Angie and Dewayne to check in because of the weight of our bags. Even though we were under 50 lbs each, our interior flights would not allow us to take two bags because our international connection was longer than 24 hours. The rest of the team was able to check-in and Tom, Angie and Dewayne were left down to the wire. Through a lot of red tape, personal escorts through security and a long run through the airport, we made it!

Dewayne and Tom enjoyed a cappuccino in the Cusco airport that they they said was so good it was only second to the cappucinno we enjoyed in St. Petersburg. It was over the top!

Around 6:30pm, we finally got settled into our beautiful oceanside Bracamonte hotel. The team walked a few blocks down the street to our favorite Italian restaurant. Afterwards, it was time for some traditional Peruvian ice cream!

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