Sunday, November 16, 2008
by Josiah Shelton

Today we attended church at True Vine Team Ministries. It was wonderful to join the people in worship and watch them dance giving praise to God. The people were so excited to have us Mzungu there and it was a real joy for us to be welcomed by the people. During the service, Pastor Wilber gave out the prizes for the activities from the day before honoring Hope 4 Kids & True Vine’s five year partnership. The orphans won against the workers in football with a little help from Matia, I’m sure. Three prizes were awarded for the men’s bicycle long journey. First prize was a new bicycle! Second prize, a new bicycle minus the tires. Third, the tires of course! Pastor Wilber said they could replace their parts on their bike or sell the parts for money!

Before we left, Pastor Wilber asked that each of the leaders from True Vine would grab a mzungu and take us to plant a Mango tree in honor of the celebration on the True Vine property. Over a hundred people flooded outside to plant mango trees with people from the team. It was a great celebration. What an honor to be part of the ceremony! It was a perfect ending to a perfect trip before the long journey home!

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