Friday, November 14, 2008

Today was a day filled with celebration and JOY! While some of the team members were painting nails at True Vine for the widow’s outreach, others went to dedicate Pastor Isaiah’s village in Sibanga. The village was ready and greeted us with a parade. Pastor Isaiah was deeply moved and lots of tears of joy were shed. Pastor Isaiah originally met Tom in the shack on his first visit to Uganda. As their relationship deepened, Tom hoped he could bring some relief to Isaiah’s village. “Today is the time. Today is the time,” Pastor Isaiah repeated over and over again. Today was the day his villagers would not have to walk miles for safe clean water to drink or walk miles to access basic health care. They had a new shelter under which they could worship and a sound system to bring others to Christ during crusades. They had land to grow crops, a public latrine for sanitation and even Pastor Isaiah got a new house! The team loved interacting with the villagers, playing with the kids in the parachute and rejoicing for the day that God has made. It was a day that Pastor Isaiah, the villagers of Sibanga and the members of Community Church of Joy will never forget.

The Seaside group visited Mumutumba again and spent the day working on budgets for the poultry project and piggery. Larry and John mentioned that it is such a learning curve about getting Mumutumba set up for business. There are so many levels and so many details. They also learned about setting up posho mills, tailoring, secretarial bureaus and primary and secondary schools.

In the afternoon, John, Mike, Carolyn, Sandra, Donna and some others stayed at Bison at Smile Africa to distribute 420 dolls, that they spent the week making, to our Karamojong kids. They also delivered 420 mosquito nets for the kids, too! This has been a special week for our Karamojong kids, one that they will never forget. Thanks to all that help raise money for treated mosquito nets for all of these kids!

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