How does one distribute 420 mosquito nets?? ONE does not! Team members collected money to purchase mosquito nets for our 420 Karamojong children whom are served daily at Smile Africa. Pastor Ruth worried that the children would be robbed walking home with something as valuable as a mosquito net so she sent word to the guardians to arrive at the day’s end to escort the children home. By mid afternoon several hundred adults stood outside the gate at Smile Africa claiming to be guardians to the children within. The chairman of the Karamojong tribe, Pastor Ruth, Patsy and the teachers sorted through the crowd to determine which children belonged with which adults. The gate would be opened wide enough to allow those to enter and occasionally someone who didn’t have a child would slip through but were escorted back out once they were discovered.
I stood aside watching the process and taking photos wondering why so many people would show up asking for a $5 item. I imagined the commotion we would cause if we were giving out meat!
After several hours the last of the mosquito nets were placed in the hands of the children and their guardians—many smiling and saying “Thank you” before running home with their treasure.

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