Thursday, November 13, 2008
by Mark Hensley

Today, the Seaside Team and some of the main team traveled up to Bupoto which is in the mountains of Uganda. Tom Eggum and Pastor Wilbur and Pastor Aggrey accompanied us. It is beautiful countryside with streams, waterfalls, jungle, bananas on the hill sides, palms, and coffee growing. We traveled up the mountain on a dirt road which is impassable in the rain, and God saw to it that no rain fell while we were up there.

When we arrived at the village, people came running down the mountain trail to welcome us with singing, dancing, shaking of hands and hugs. A big “Welcome” sign hung between two mud huts.

We went to Bupoto to celebrate the dedication of the new church sponsored by Seaside. The old church which is made of mud and nearly falling down is a short distance away. The old church was leased from the owner, so this new church truly is a blessing to them. A church service was held with the children and sponsored children singing praise to our Lord. Pastor John of Seaside gave a sermon through an interpreter on being strong in the Lord and how He loves them and bless them. He gave an invitation to come to Christ and 6 stepped forward. What a glorious day. Clifis, the director of orphan sponsorship at True Vine led the church in worship and had the crowd jumping. Lunch consisting of chicken, goat, rice, matoke (plantain/banana), tomato sauce and porsha was served in the church.

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