The children’s Sunday School was held in the new shelter that was built just for that purpose this week. We had watched it take shape from a few posts and beams over the dirt last week to the solid cement foundation and metal roofing today. It was so fun for us to see them teaching and singing with all those beautiful children in such a wonderfully shaded area instead of in the blazing hot sun like they had in the past.

Our worship and praise time together in the church was filled with high energy. Watching the children in the back of the sanctuary as they danced and praised God with their whole heart was truly delightful. It was such a treat when the praise team led part of the worship with the traditional guitar and drums. Both Tom and Pastor Wilbur preached the word of God with eloquence.

While we were all at the True Vine Team Ministries church, Pastor Bob was at a much smaller church, which took place in a very rustic setting, with approximately 50 people worshipping and praising God as if there were hundreds of them. Bob felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit as he preached to these people who listened with open hearts to their new brother in Christ.

As we anticipated, saying good-bye to all our friends at the church and clinic was very difficult today. It amazes us how quickly we have grown to love these brothers and sisters in such a short period of time. It was hard to finally get on the bus to leave the site and head over to the farm project, where we would be eating our last delicious meal that had been prepared for us by the hard-working women of this church.

After lunch, half the group headed over to the new farm property which was purchased this week, and the rest went to the Tororo Hospital to visit the children in the children’s ward. The desperate need of these patients and their families in this difficult setting broke our hearts, and before long, our group was mobbed by parents who wanted to get the beanie babies we had brought for the sick children. It would have been a very discouraging experience except for the fact that there were several awesome opportunities for ministry. Bob had the privilege of baptizing a premature baby, which brought great peace to the child’s mother, and some of our team members had the joy of praying with children who were seriously ill, and with their parents who were so worried for them.

The group that had gone out to the new property had a great time with the children in the surrounding huts as they blew up balloons for the kids and handed out candy. The children patiently waited in lines for these treats, and for most of the people in this village, they had never seen Mzungu (white people) before, so it was a delightful experience for all.

As we reflect on these two weeks, which have flown by with incredible speed, our hearts are filled to overflowing with the blessings God has given us through the people on our team and the people we have come to love in Uganda. Thank your for your prayers and encouragement and support. We could never have been part of this amazing journey without you.

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    God be with you;forever more.

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    God be with you;forever more.

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